I'm writing a novel about Cinaed mac Ailpin, the 9th century King of Pictavia (which was to become Scotland). This is a space for recording nuggets of research. Please feel welcome to get involved in the comments. I'm over on twitter too @GUGAW

Monday, 1 December 2014


Hello there, nice to meet you.

This is my space for researching 9th century Scotland.  I'm writing a novel about Kings, warriors, bad-ass women, multicultural society and folklore.  Particularly around the time that Cinaed mac Ailpin was King and the Picts began to 'disappear'. I have a huge amount to learn.  If you are also interested in any of the above and can help me learn faster, please get involved in the comment sections.

I'm not a historian, but I am passionate about research and getting *closer* to the truth.  So where possible I will try to reference primary sources, respected historians and archeologists.  Sometimes, I will make wild guesses and get lost in imagination rather than what might have actually happened.  I'll mark these with a big pink highlighter so you're a bit clearer that this is my (uninformed) guesswork.


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